London residential investments

Euroterra Capital is an independent real estate investment company with particular expertise in income generating residential assets in Central London. We acquire and develop first-class assets that are truly unique, high yielding and exhibit the ability to display extraordinary long term capital appreciation.

We actively manage our residences through our associated property and lettings management companies with the main objective of creating, maximising and sustaining efficient investment returns and achieving exceptional levels of income and performance.

London Residential Developments

We actively pursue development opportunities in central London markets exhibiting sustainable long-term capital value appreciation and in locations undergoing significant regeneration with excellent transport links.

We develop stunning properties and exceptional schemes that blend traditional property prestige with a contemporary luxury feel and comfort.

We strive to deliver modern, environmentally friendly concepts and actualise state of the art, expert finishings by applying a pragmatic hands-on approach and technical expertise. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding high-end properties across a broad range of asset classes and differentiate our projects through the use of cutting-edge design and the cost-effective execution of unique concepts.

London Commercial Developments

Largely serving the needs of commercial clients and business investors seeking rewarding property opportunities, Euroterra Capital focuses on the development of:

  • Commercial and retail premises in strategic locations
  • Joint venture projects with other major developers and investors
  • Third party work on behalf of established business partners

These projects are frequently based on the acquisition of existing properties which require change-of-use permissions, though we also acquire vacant sites with or without planning permission. Working in partnership with Euroterra Construction, we can call upon an impressive portfolio of skills required to maximise the potential of our commercial projects. These include in-house planners, architects, interior designers, structural engineers, technicians – and all those other many professionals whose skills are required to maximise the potential and return on investment of the commercial properties in which we invest and develop.

Serviced Apartments Investments

The serviced apartment sector has seen a flurry of investment activity over the last few years- a pattern which is set to continue as the industry is the focus of attention, and finance, from a range of sources including institutional investors, asset managers, commercial and residential developers, standalone serviced apartment operators and the major hotel chains. Occupancies and optimism in the serviced apartment sector are growing as the industry is gradually maturing and gaining awareness.

Local demand and local regulations determine the evolution of serviced apartments in the different regions.

In the UK, London is the sector's investment hub and is likely to witness a busy couple of years with plenty of capacity in the market.

In Euroterra capital we deal with different kinds of serviced apartments investments, from corporate housing to relocation agencies’ requirements.


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