June 29, 2017

Managing Partner of Euroterra Capital, Pantazis Therianos and the team participated in an international forum of investment migration in June.

Mr. Therianos was one of the main speakers in the forum and the panellist for the Greek Residence Programme. Mr. Therianos spoke about the immigration trend with Chinese and Middle Eastern nationals, and shared with the audience his in-depth sights about the development of the Investment Immigration market.

Mr. Therianos emphasized that Greece is a world popular destination for tourists, and explained that the foreign investment in Greece is attractive not only for immigration purposes, but also for the Greek lifestyle and amazing culture. There are currently more than 10 countries actively investing in Greece, with China, Russia and Egypt at the top of the list.

During the discussion, Mr.Therianos and other panelists shared their experiences and opinions on different topics including Legal Aspects of Real Estate Acquisition, Property Acquisition and the Residency Process.

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