Sept. 24, 2018

Last week, Euroterra Capital invited Dorina Demertzi to our office to see how she was getting on after her studies. Dorina has recently finished her masters in MSc Real Estate Investment from Cass Business School, London. During her final dissertation, she received frequent mentoring from Hamraj Sandher, who offered the advice and information she needed to complete her project successfully.

“I would definitely recommend Euroterra Capital/Mr. Pantazis Theriano, CEO /Mr. Hamraj, Investment Analyst  to others since all of them were really helpful, they offered me their valuable advice and insightful suggestions, and their contribution was really beneficial for the project. Therefore, their help is highly appreciated.” (D.Demertzi)

Hamraj was delighted to hear that Dorina had recently started a job as a graduate project manager in her desired field in Central London.

“I think keeping real estate fresh with new ideas is incredibly important and valuable for the growth of our industry. I found helping Dorina not only refreshing but also rewarding, because I could see my knowledge was helping others. I will always encourage others to share and help those learning our trade as without it, our industry could become stagnant and there’s no positive outcome from that” (H.Sandher, Investment Analyst)

Cass Business School is very close to the heart of Euroterra Capital as Pantazis Therianos, CEO is an alumni of the university, after studying a masters in Real Estate Investment, similar to Dorina and graduating in 2009. Throughout Pantazis’ time at Cass Business School, he built an excellent relationship with those who taught him and it has since become a mission of Euroterra Capital’s to help as many students as possible reach their potential by offering advice and mentoring for their projects.

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