Lefkada is one in the group of the “seven-islands” in the Ionian Sea in Western Greece. With its amazing natures and well - developed facilities, Lefkada has become a well-known luxurious holiday paradise.

With lots of important sightseeing spots, tasty and traditional culinary options, extreme sports installations and a variety of entertainment venues, Lefkada has managed to remain quite unspoiled and original welcoming people from all around the world. Adding to that the various well serviced marinas, Lefkada has the greatest access to the sea, and plus flights and driving.

The island is well-known for its impressive coastline with the numerous white sand beaches and the turquoise waters, resembling the tropical paradise of the Caribbean. 



Kima Mansions Kima Mansions Kima Mansions Kima Mansions Kima Mansions Kima Mansions Kima Mansions

Extra Information

Kima Mansions echoes the traditional character of Lefkada Island. Built of handmade stone andaccording to the architectural standards of the area, it offers to its residents ample greenery and views towards the Ionian Sea. Among its exceptional features are also included the BBQ facilities and the swimming pool. There is also a private parking space for each property as well as an extra storage room.

The interior design of Kima Mansions composes of fine clear lines, with lots of natural light, making the property an ideal place of relaxation for the whole family. The surrounding area creates the ideal scenery for all kinds of activities, as the sea is located in close proximity to the property, offering to its residents their own private beach whereas the spacious garden offers the chance for friends’ gatherings and romantic moments.

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